3Way Flashing Brakes/Running/Turn Signals

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Running lights, flashing brake lights, and amber turn signals all wrapped up in one.



Our 3Way kit is comprised of two 16 led modules. 8 LEDs on each module is red, and 8 LEDs are amber turn signals. The red LED part of the lights is controlled by our cpu driven controller, while the amber LED turn signals are driven by your bike’s turn signal circuit.

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Weight 6 oz
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2 reviews for 3Way Flashing Brakes/Running/Turn Signals

  1. Hans Teuber (verified owner)

    Just bought and installed the 3-way lights. They are bright and noticeable, but the quality of the foam sticky tape does not reflect the quality of the lights. These are expensive, so one would expect a more sound, permanent mechanical mounting option. Even though I cleaned the surfaces before taping with isopropyl alcohol and pressing firmly for one minute, they fell off the next day, both between the light and tape, and tape and motorcycle.

    • jwatkins

      Apologies for the delay in answering. Please contact us at 888.770.1010. If lights have been damaged due to the tape we will replace them. At the very least we will send new tape. We have a thicker tape available that might be what is needed. We want to hear from you.

      Thanks for choosing Hyper-Lites.
      Customer Service

  2. Kevin Charles Willett

    These lights are insanely bright and very noticeable. I’m very happy with the performance of the kit I bought.

    • jwatkins

      Thank You! We appreciate your support!

      Thanks for choosing Hyper-Lites.
      Customer Service

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