HyperWhites Flashing


These lights can be set to flashing mode when you really need that car to see you, and not make that left turn into you. May not be legal in your area, check your local regulations



HyperWhites Flashing running lights can be switched into flashing mode for those emergency situations where the driver coming at you just isn’t paying attention. The kit comes with a mountable thumb switch, and our microprocessor driven controller, and of course two of our brilliantly bright HyperWhite 16 LED modules. The kit will run in running light mode all the time, and the switch gives you the option to set the lights to flashing mode when you really to get noticed. You can also forgo the switch and attach our controller’s sensor wire directly into your horn circuit. That means that whenever you honk the horn, you’ll flash your HyperWhites as well. Flashing front white running lights are not legal in many places as a rule, check your local regulations to be sure. Using these lights to save you from a crash may not be legal in your area.

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Weight 6 oz


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